14 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Successful fundraising requires creative and quick initiatives to raise money. If your organization is in a donation slump, consider these 14 simple fundraising ideas for nonprofits. Feel free to use one or more of these strategies to get attention for your mission!

Donation Jars

Donation jars are as simple as they come. Place jars around the nonprofit’s building and let people place cash and coins inside the containers. People look for ways to unload coins from their pockets, so they might as well put their spare cash into donation jars! Use signs to explain the cause and the nonprofit’s mission.

Organizations can partner with local restaurants, retailers, and businesses that can place jars near registers. Every week, a nonprofit staff member will collect donations for each partnered establishment.

Although coins may seem like small donations, they add up. Foundations can reach fundraising goals with the help of jars.

Activity Workshop

People enjoy learning new things, and nonprofits can spark someone’s interest with an activity workshop. Participants pay an entrance fee and enter a room with different arts and crafts. Learn how to make a birdhouse, weave a basket, or mold clay figurines. Participants leave with new skills, tangible crafts, and smiles on their faces!

Guessing Game

A simple fundraising idea for nonprofits is the “Guessing Game.” Fill jars with a specific number of items and let participants guess how many items are inside the containers. Use small objects such as pennies, jelly beans, paper clips, or marbles to fill the jars. These miniature items make it more challenging to guess the correct number.

Charge $1 per guess and have a prize for the potential winner. For instance, whoever guesses the number of jelly beans inside the container can win the candy jar itself! Make sure you place jars in high-traffic areas to increase visibility. The Guessing Game is easy, efficient, and great for all ages.

Talent Show

Everyone has a talent. What better way to showcase skills than with a talent show? Organizers ask volunteers to participate, and people pay an entrance fee to the show. Entertain guests with singers, dancers, magicians, and fun performers from the community. Board members can even act as judges and give the top act a prize. A talent show is light-hearted fun for a worthy cause.

Skills Auction

A skills auction is a twist on the classic auction. Volunteers offer a skill or service to a bidding participant. Instead of a guitar, a volunteer auction offers guitar lessons. The proceeds of the auction go toward the nonprofit.

Event organizers ask for contributions from staff, volunteers, community members, and service professionals. Organizers set prices for different skills, and participants bid on their preferred service. For example, people can bid on professional teeth whitening for $60.

As some services and skills are in high demand, expect high bids for specific things. Offering a range of services allows you to raise more money for the nonprofit.

Happy Hour

Nonprofits can host a happy hour at a local restaurant or coffee shop. Ask venue owners to donate a percentage of sales to the organization. Keep in mind that happy hour isn’t exclusive to alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks, coffee, and entrees can be part of a happy hour too!

Organizations advertise the event and encourage people to visit the venue. Members of the nonprofit should mingle with participants and talk about the foundation.

Movie Night

Gather friends, family, and community members for movie night at the local theater. Organizations can collaborate with a movie theater to raise money for the foundation. Part of ticket proceeds goes toward the nonprofit. The more participants, the more money organizations raise.

Another idea is to host a movie night at the nonprofit. Participants pay an entrance fee and purchase snacks from a concession stand. The tickets and concessions generate more revenue for the nonprofit while increasing community engagement.

Car Wash

Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the basics. A car wash is a classic fundraiser for various foundations. Organizations need a large, open space and plenty of washing materials for this activity. They also need a group of reliable volunteers to wash cars.

Set a flat price for the service or ask for donations. In some cases, people may donate money without requesting the service. Be sure to mark a donation box for these drop-off contributions!

Trivia Night

Partner with a local pub or restaurant to host a trivia night. Organizers create a list of brainteasers and challenge groups to answer questions. Groups pay a set amount to enter the competition. Offer cool prizes, such as a free meal from the hosting restaurant or a set of gift cards, to attract participants. People will run to the sign-up sheet if there is an awesome prize at stake.

Crowdfunding Page

A quick and easy way to raise money for nonprofit organizations is through a crowdfunding page. Online donation platforms are excellent for organizations with limited or no budget. The process is as simple as selecting a crowdfunding site and creating a donation page. Send the page link to various people and let the money roll in!

With mobile banking, people transfer money from their accounts to donation pages. There is no need for cash or checks. Crowdfunding allows people to make multiple donations to help nonprofits meet their fundraising goals.

5K Marathon Event

Nonprofits can host a 5K Marathon and charge a participation fee. Furthermore, staff should bring a donation container for extra contributions. Marathons are excellent fundraisers because they’re outdoors and many people can participate at once.

Please note that seasonality is a significant factor for marathons. Sunny and mild weather days are ideal for outdoor events. Pay attention to forecasts before planning a marathon. After all, no one wants to run or walk outside in cold, rainy weather.

Workout Class

Elevate heart rates and funds with a workout class. Organizations can seek local fitness gurus and ask them to donate their time and skill for an exercise class.

Guests pay a flat fee and work out with fitness experts and other participants. Imagine Hip Hop Zumba, an upbeat cycle class, or community kickboxing. Workout classes are enjoyable, especially for people interested in fitness, and they can bring new eyes to your mission.

Basket Raffle

In this type of fundraiser, foundations host a basket raffle by selling participants raffle tickets. Each basket has a theme and carries fun prizes. For instance, a spa-themed basket can carry body scrubs, face masks, and lotions.

If organizers prefer baskets without a theme, they can put similar items inside multiple baskets. The easiest way to do this is with bulk supplies.

At 2Moda, we’re wallet suppliers with wholesale wallets and other bulk products. Put our items in your raffle baskets to capture the attention of raffle ticket buyers.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a thrilling option to end the list of fundraising ideas. Select a venue and hide items around the establishment. Give participants a list of everything they need to find. Whoever finds all the items wins a prize. People can pay an entrance fee for the hunt. Event runners can host multiple scavenger hunts at various difficulty levels to challenge guests.

14 Simple Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits