5 Things To Put in a Care Package for Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents often miss the comforts they had when they lived independently. Here are some things to put in a care package for older adults who live in a nursing home.

Loving Reminders

Older adults in nursing facilities benefit from receiving heartfelt gifts from friends and family members. They may feel lonely, especially during times when you can't visit. Consider giving them some loving reminders that remind them of home.

Some examples of these types of gifts include the following:

  • A handwritten note showing you care
  • A photo album filled with pleasant memories
  • Homemade cards from grandchildren


Your loved one may crave their favorite foods while they are in assisted living. There are a few different ways you can incorporate these into your care package.

If the older adult in your life has a sweet tooth, consider baking them some homemade treats. Alternatively, you can include store-bought candy or snacks you know they love. Another option is a gift card to their favorite restaurant. You can make the experience even more special if you visit and share the meal with them.


One thing to put in a care package for a nursing home is a form of entertainment. Residents who once led active lives may feel too cooped up during long periods in their room.

Consider their favorite hobbies when deciding what items might work best. For example, avid readers can benefit from books or magazines they love. An audiobook is a great solution if they have an injury where holding reading materials is difficult.

Other great entertainment options are the following:

  • Wordsearches or crossword puzzles
  • A DVD of their favorite movie or TV show
  • Knitting or crochet supplies

Comfort Items

Older adults who recently started living in a nursing facility may have trouble adjusting to their new environment. Fortunately, you can gift items to help improve their comfort.

One popular option is including a throw blanket. This item can help them feel nice and cozy, making the bed in their room feel a bit more like the one they used to have at home. You can also gift comfortable articles of clothing, such as a cardigan. Warm socks are great, too, but ensure they have grips to prevent falls.

Personal Care Items

Lastly, residents in a nursing home want to look and feel their best. Provide practical personal care items to help your loved one with their daily routine.

Some helpful suggestions include the following:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Toiletries
  • Hand lotion

Furthermore, ladies at the nursing home who love beauty could enjoy receiving makeup and tools for applying it. Consider purchasing wholesale cosmetic mirrors to brighten their days.

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