5 Tips for Helping Homeless People Stay Warm This Winter

The winter season is upon us, bringing low temperatures and harsh conditions. While you may have a cozy place to call home, many aren’t as fortunate. Here are five tips for helping homeless people stay warm this winter if you want to give back to those in need during these freezing months.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Shelter

Spend your time at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter when you want to give support but can’t spend money. These places provide a sanctuary for people on the streets to take a break from the cold and enjoy warm food. Providing nourishment and a place to sleep for the night is monumentally important, so consider volunteering today.

Donate Clothes and Supplies

Donate your extra clothes, winter gear, and blankets to homeless people if you’re cleaning out your closets. They constantly need hats, gloves, scarves, and other supplies that allow them to stay warm during the colder months.

Give Nonperishable Food Items

The next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a couple extra cans of soup, beans, or other nonperishable items to donate to a food pantry. This supportive act is an inexpensive and helpful way to give back to those in need.

Call the Homeless Outreach Hotline

Make use of your local homeless outreach hotline by dialing 311 if your city is experiencing an extra cold night with a high concern for those on the street. This number operates in over 60 cities throughout the United States, including New York and Chicago. By contacting this number, you can provide homeless people with shelter and care services to keep them safe on a freezing night.

Purchase and Give Out Care Packages

Homeless people are consistently in need of supplies, including toiletries, winter gear, and other necessities. The best way to provide them with these essentials is by purchasing homeless care packages. You can pass these out or give them to a local shelter, equipping individuals with everything they need to stay safe.

Give back to those in need by following these five tips for helping homeless people stay warm this winter. By providing them with supplies, support, and care, they will feel valued and safe, especially as temperatures start to drop.