5 Ways To Reduce the Cost of School Supplies

With or without the teacher’s list of suggested school supplies, it can seem impossible to get your little scholar ready for the new school year. Because, as hard as you try to prepare, something else gets added to the list at the last minute.

Or, you may need more of one item than you initially thought. Here are five ways to reduce the cost of school supplies to lighten your load while you’re preparing for this year’s curriculum.

Buy Your Supplies in Bulk

If you’re buying your supplies in bulk, not only will you not run out of supplies during the semester, but they could last all year. It’s also cheaper and easier to buy bulk items. If you’re curious about cutting costs, buying bulk school supplies through a wholesaler is one of the best ways to pay for school supplies.

Check Advertisements and Use Coupons

You can also use local advertisements through newspapers and fliers that businesses give out. Sometimes you’ll get manufacturers’ coupons that are always good or have yet to expire. So, you should hold onto those for big purchases. Overall, couponing will help you manage your costs better than you might have imagined—simply by using other businesses’ advertising to your advantage.

Use Tax-Free Holidays When Possible

If you can catch sales happening on tax-free holidays, this is also an ideal situation that you should take full advantage of. The caveat is that you’ll need to show up before everyone else and make your selections swiftly. These sales can become brutal when hoards of people are all vying for the same deals with limited supplies and availability. However, with proper planning, you can walk away with quite a haul.

Apply for Grants

You can always go through the school system and apply for grants. Research the information online and apply with the federal government and the Department of Education. You can typically find these grants listed under the need-based school grants category, which are almost always available to qualifying applicants.

Create Fundraisers

Find a skill that you’re good at, no matter how large or small, that you can market and sell for a reasonable profit. Whether you make baked goods, art, or perform, you can create a fundraiser to support your kids’ school supply purchases. You may even have a blast and discover your next side hustle!

So, if you’re looking to save some money this year, check out these five ways to reduce the cost of school supplies. You won’t regret using these ideas for your children’s benefit. Which method will you try?