Back-to-School Donation Ideas To Start the Year Off Right

If you are exploding with school spirit because you love your alma mater and love starting fresh each school year, there are a few things you can focus your energy on. Though you may be ready for classes to start again, some students may need a little extra help to get the ball rolling. To help your community get into the school spirit, consider these back-to-school donation ideas to start the year off right.

Make a Coffee Stand

You can set up a small coffee stand outside of the campus or on campus in recreational areas so that students can start their days with coffee and refreshments. As students make their way to and from class, they can stop for a quick snack. Turn your profits around and donate the money to charities of your choice. Advertising the charity you will be donating to may encourage more students to make a purchase. In most cases, students will want to help and will be glad to donate to their peers.

Host an Event

Encourage your entire class or school to participate in a charity event that gathers funds or donations to help struggling students. This is a great way to start making an impact at your school. You might host a charity walk or 5k run; this is an easy enough activity that most people can handle. This will also make for a great team-building exercise to bring the school together.

Consider Peer-to-Peer DIY

If you’re thinking about gathering donations from a business angle, you could host a fundraiser to buy wholesale backpacks for students in need. You could also sell raffle tickets to incentivize people to donate toward this cause. The winner of the raffle could help choose the designs of the backpacks you purchase and subsequently donate.

These are just a few donation ideas to start the year off right and ensure everyone has a fair chance to succeed at school. School can be challenging for all students, and if you already have an extra leg up, consider doing your part to help support your peers.