Bag Gift Giving

You’re homeless on the street and have nowhere to go. All your personal belongings are carried in a sack that you got of a dumpster. This is the harsh reality for many homeless men and women today who do not own a bag or backpack for their daily personal items. We here at 2 Moda have all the necessary bulk backpacks and wholesale bags needed to provide charities and homeless shelters.

Giving Bulk

Buy a case of wholesale backpacks and donate them to your local homeless shelter. A new backpack can really help someone out who desperately needs something to keep their clothes and belongings dry and safe.


Take your newly purchased bags and head to a shelter to volunteer your time. Local shelters rely heavily on donations and volunteers to keep their programs going. Spend hours helping in the soup kitchen or handing out hygiene supplies.

Spread the Word

Homeless issues in America will always be present. Raise more awareness by spreading the word about bulk backpacks and wholesale bags.

Make a difference today and get your case of backpacks for homeless right here at 2 Moda.

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