Best Beach Bags and Totes for Summer 2021

Towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, more sunscreen—you need quite the abundant list of items to make for a successful beach day. To rile up all these materials in an orderly fashion, you’ll need a large, reliable accessory. 2moda reviews the best beach bags and totes for summer 2021.

Water-Resistant Totes

If you’re someone who enjoys the beach for the water over the sun and the sand, try a water-resistant tote. Totes with water-resistant nylon help keep your devices dry when you, your friends, or your kids come back from splashing around.

Flexible Canvas Totes

For those who appreciate a lightweight accessory, look to canvas tote bags. Canvas tote bags are some of the best beach bags and totes for summer 2021 because they’re super versatile.

You can find canvas bags in all kinds of sizes, colors, and patterns, making it easy to find one that suits your summer style. Canvas totes can dual as trusty grocery store bags, daytrip accessories, and casual night-out bags. Most canvas bags are machine washable, which is convenient for when they encounter a little coffee, sunscreen, and other liquids stowed inside.

Classic Straw Beach Bags

Are you looking for the perfect beach bag to match your summer hat? Then opt for a straw beach bag. Straw beach bags are woven classics, known for making a reliable accessory for any casual occasion.

Straw beach bags are durable and flexible, perfect for storing towels and essentials such as your keys and wallet. Most straw bags aren’t designed for wearers to completely fasten them shut, though some will offer a buckle or magnet clasp for more secure cargo.

Before Your Next Beach Trip, Try 2moda

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