Check Mates and Kings: Classic Board Games are Awesome Memory Makers!

Growing up the oldest of 4, there was always a lot of commotion and game play in my house. My poor mother never had even a minute of silence because there was always some thing to play and some one to play with. The problem: we often times ended up tripping over ourselves or making a huge mess that nobody wanted to clean up.

When I was 8 years old, my grandmother introduced my siblings and I to checkers: a quiet game of concentration and thinking ahead. For weeks, all my brothers and I wanted to do was get all of the kings and jump all of each other's pieces until we controlled the board. The competition got REAL once we learned chess in middle school. It was awesome! We were keeping each other on our toes every time we played. To this day, we still have checker and chess tournaments when the whole family is together. 

Chess and checkers are classics, there's no doubt about it. On the surface, they seem like simple board games, but they require so much higher thinking that they are amazing for developing these skills in children. In addition to being a developmental tool. they are super fun for the entire family!

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