Classroom Supplies Elementary Teachers Can’t Do Without

Elementary school teachers play an important role. They are responsible for helping our children learn vital lessons at a young age.

To effectively teach the leaders of tomorrow, the classroom should be well-stocked. Here are supplies elementary teachers can’t do without.


There is so much promise on a blank page. A student can fill it with anything, from a journal topic to math equations. It's no wonder that teachers require paper to teach their lessons effectively. This staple will come in handy, whether it’s loose-leaf or in a spiral notebook.


Students need tools to write on paper. This is where pencils come into play. They work best with elementary school students because they are often much neater than pens, as ink can smudge easily. They also are very cost-effective and come with erasers to fix written mistakes.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

To keep pencils in good condition, students need to use a pencil sharpener. This is one classroom supply that elementary school teachers can’t do without. An electric sharpener makes it much easier to finish the job in a few seconds. While it costs more than the manual pencil sharpener, its efficiency makes it well worth it.


A laminator in the classroom offers plenty of convenience for teachers. This device allows them to laminate paper, which protects it and lets them use it in many ways, from posters to flashcards. Teachers can also utilize laminated paper for fun projects, such as creating inexpensive placemats for the kiddos to use at lunchtime.

Small Dry-Erase Boards

In addition to utilizing the regular whiteboard, teachers benefit from having small dry-erase boards for various activities in the classroom. They help reduce paper usage and sometimes work best for pop quizzes. Students can also use them in other lessons or free time.

Dry-Erase Markers

Just like pencils and paper, whiteboards require dry-erase markers. Different colors can make it easier for the teacher to show priority information, such as using red to indicate a due date. For students, it's nice to give them variety so they can pick their favorite colors while using the small whiteboards.

Organizational Supplies

Teachers need organizational supplies to keep all the students’ work neat and orderly. Organizing systems may vary from person to person, but educators are bound to make use of the following in some fashion:

  • Ziplock bags
  • Supply containers
  • File folders
  • Turn-in trays
  • Binder clips
  • Labels
  • Sticky notes

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