Donation Items Women's Shelters Really Need

Whether they serve domestic abuse victims and their families or women looking for transitional housing, women’s shelters often need specific donations. To learn how you can contribute, take a look at this list of donation items women’s shelters really need.


Makeup and nail polish might not be absolute necessities, but they boost self-confidence and make a big difference during interviews. So many women who stay at shelters didn’t take makeup or other nonessentials when they left their previous homes—or they didn’t even have homes. These women are trying every day to survive to the next day. Consider buying and donating wholesale makeup tools to give women at a shelter the chance to settle in, treat themselves well, and focus on preparing themselves for job interviews.


So many women in shelters are moms, so diapers are typically helpful for shelters. Moms can never have too many diapers for their children, and having a safe supply can help a family feel more secure at a shelter.

Bras and Underwear

One common donation item women’s shelters really need is bras. Undergarments in general are functional necessities for women residents. Unfortunately, they’re rare donations, and they’re not guaranteed to be in residents’ sizes. Just note that some shelters accept gently worn bras, but other places only except new garments.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Women’s hygiene products are another daily necessity that make life much easier for shelter residents. Hygiene products likely weren’t the first things on residents’ minds if they had to flee a violent home. Making sure your local shelter is well stocked with these items can help the residents feel normal again.

Old Phones

Old phones are also useful for shelter residents. In order to return for a second interview or to fill out job application paperwork, women need active phones. Shelters can activate donated devices on a limited plan to receive messages from potential employers, helping residents secure jobs. Old phones also provide women with the means to communicate without an abuser knowing what they’re doing or saying.

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