How To Properly Fit a Child’s Backpack

How To Properly Fit a Child’s Backpack


Going to school and traveling place to place is difficult enough for kids, especially if they don’t have what they need. So, by educating yourself as parents and caregivers on how their backpacks should fit them, you will have an idea of the necessities that come with active school children.

Learning how your child wears their backpack correctly will greatly improve the enjoyment and success of their day, along with their success in school. This makes it essential that you know how to properly fit your child’s backpack.

Measuring Properly

First, you will need to invest in a decent backpack that fits your child appropriately. You might try looking through bulk kids’ backpacks by shopping with a wholesaler like 2Moda for a discounted deal on backpacks.

Beginning with fitting the backpack, you will first need to measure your child’s torso length. To make this happen, you need to measure from the top of their torso to the bottom. This will ensure a properly fitting backpack that will not hurt them or rub to the point of discomfort while in use.

  • Start first by locating the bump on the backside of the neck where their shoulders and neck intersect. This is known as the C7 or 7th cervical vertebra. This is the top of the torso.
  • Then, moving down to the top of the hips, having both thumbs facing behind them and their fingers forward, visualize an imaginary line from thumb to thumb. This is the bottom of the torso.
  • You will then need to measure hip placement as it will carry most of the weight of their pack while active. If you measure slightly above the torso length, almost to your waist, then you will have their hip placement where you can secure the pack snuggly without rubbing too much on the hips.

Strap Fastening

There are four adjustable straps that you will need to know how to fasten properly. These are the hip belt, shoulder straps, load-lifter straps, and the sternum strap.

Whenever you fasten, you want to make sure all straps are snug but not tight, as this can affect their posture and hurt them. Make sure that the sternum strap is the least tight, as it is solely used as a brace for the chest and additionally as an extra fastener.

How It Should Feel

The load-lifter straps will need to be secured to the point where the pack is elevated above the body at a 45-degree angle, but not so much that the pressure is directly overhead. This will help to create a more natural feel while carrying their pack.

It’s vital to know how to properly fit your child’s backpack for travel to and from school, as the journey can be long and grueling at times. You’ll want your kids to get the most out of their day without sacrificing their endurance and stamina.