Leggings are Pants

I live every day of my life in leggings. Whether I am going to work, school, out or hanging around the house, I am in a pair of leggings. The fact is: they are just so comfortable. I spent a lot of my life wearing jeans or skirts every day because that was what I saw, but, I have to be honest, I never loved them like I loved my leggings. I never felt as confident in pants that gave me a muffin top or were super tight on my thighs and loose every where else. I felt lumpy and strange. Leggings are coming in as the hottest trend in fashion. Models are wearing them, celebrities are wearing them, designers are wearing them; they are just in! I’ve never thought of myself as a fashionista, but I am finally dressing “in style” in my leggings. Get yours today from 2Moda!

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