Save Your Bras!

While traveling, or preparing to travel, it's most important to pack or at least have a general idea of what you're going to bring. Men, you've got it easy: pants, shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries. Ladies, we have a tougher time: we have to pack bras. Though all other clothes can be folded and thrown into a suitcase or hung up in a garment bag, these delicate undergarments suffer a loss of shape and consequentially end up tossed in the garbage before their time.

Most people wouldn't think it, but bras are actually very difficult to keep in shape. Many need to be hand washed while others can do alright with a low setting in the washing machine. Once washed, the way you handle your bra really determines how long it will be until you dish out another $50 on a high quality, and probably adorable, piece of underwear. If handling your bra means throwing it in a bin or bag and calling it a day or folding it inside its self to minimize space, chances are your bras are heading to an early grave.

Do right by your bras and keep them in shape by giving them first class treatment anytime you need to take them with you. By using a bra bag, you can keep the cups pristine and clean when you travel with a bra bag.

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