School Supplies Every Middle Schooler Needs

School supplies are integral to the learning process. Hands-on middle schoolers need to understand a concept by fleshing it out on a page themselves, perhaps with multiple colored highlighters and colored pencils to make it pop. Students who yearn for order need folders, binders, and planners to organize all their resources and assignments. Many students transition from the physical classroom to a virtual or e-learning-based one due to school closures amidst the spread of the coronavirus. Their school supplies need to shift, as well. Overall, here’s a list of school supplies every middle schooler needs to learn well.


Even as students transition to learning while at home, notebooks are a hallmark of the learning process. In school, notebooks are their medium through which they record lessons into their own words. As they receive virtual lessons or online resources, the need for notebooks doesn’t go away. They remain important tools for encoding concepts into their memory as they write.


The mighty pencil, the utensil middle schoolers need to take notes in a notebook, is also important. Pencils are simple yet uniquely capable of allowing students to make mistakes while giving them the ability to erase and start again—thus, effectively learning and growing from those mistakes.


In a digital age, and with so much online education programming, tablets supplement education well. Students can access games that keep them engaged while upping their vocab skills or providing them math practice. Middle schoolers’ connectedness to their teachers also increases, allowing quick homework adjustments and simpler communication. As schools transition to e-learning, a tablet becomes a student’s lifeline to their teacher and their class.

Backpacks & Lunch Bags

When school operates normally, backpacks and lunch bags—while more indirectly related to learning—help kids devote their attention to class. They’re helpful for consolidating students’ things in one place and giving them easy access when they need something.

Binder & Planner

Though there are many more, our final school supplies middle schoolers need are a binder and planner. For organized students—and those who need to become more organized—these come in handy. A binder physically separates everything by class, topic, and more, depending on what the student wants. Meanwhile, a planner keeps assignments and due dates in order. These supplies consolidate information for students, letting them focus on work instead.

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