School Supplies for every Student

The significance of being an organized student.

If your a student being organized is the only way to ensure that you'll do well. Academically an organized student has a better shot at being successful at their studies, than their classmates who aren't. It is of upmost importance that students learn Math, English,and so much more. Educators would be remiss to forgo teaching students the importance of organization.After all,being organized is a skill that is taught, and if taught well students will have a greater opportunity for being successful if they learn organizational skills. We here at 2 Moda have all the necessary bulk school supplies and school kits needed to help community through back to school drives, giveaways, promotions and more!

Wholesale Folders

Our wholesale folders are an important resource for educators to have when teaching their students about organization.
Our folders can aid the student in keeping their homework and study guides organized through out the school year.

Wholesale Notebooks

Our Wholesale notebooks will aid in students keeping their notes and thoughts organized. Our notebooks can even be used as planners for students to write down important due dates, and for scheduling purposes as well.

Wholesale Pencil Case

Our Pencil cases will aid with organization because having a cluttered backpack will be a detriment to your students. A pencil case will keep the backpack neat and the student will be assured that their supplies are safely secured and organized within their backpack.

Wholesale Backpacks

Good quality backpacks like we have here at 2 Moda are just what students need to really make sure they have an organized year. Our backpacks will contain their folder with their homework, their notebooks with all the pertinent information they acquired throughout the day, their school supplies and any text books they might have. Our wholesale backpacks have plenty of room for folders, pens, pencils, glue sticks, rulers, scissors and all of the most important school supplies to set your student up to succeed.

Make this summer a great one and help out your community by purchasing in bulk. A little money can go along way in helping a student have a successful school year!>

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