Top 5 Things To Include in School Supply Kits

Teachers often give out a rubric or list of school supplies they want students to bring to class every day. However, it’s hard to know what students need before they enter the classroom. This is especially important if you want to put together school supply kits before classes start. We have included the top five things to include in school supply kits so that students can have the basics of what to bring on their first day in class.


While this might seem like the most basic item that everyone has, you wouldn’t imagine how many people don’t own a backpack. And as the school year moves along, students will receive more paperwork, books, and study materials to get through their classes. So having a good-quality backpack is a must.

Lunch Box

Not everyone brings their lunches to school because not everyone has the availability to do so. However, a lunchbox can still hold snacks to help students make it through their school day. School is long and exhausting, and it’s good to have snacks on hand so that students don’t crash or end up with hunger pangs, disturbing their work and study.

Ballpoint Pen

Even though everyone starts off with pencils and erasers, there is nothing better than a nice ballpoint pen. People will make fewer mistakes with their handwriting once they learn to master a pen. This means that their writing will improve, getting them one step ahead from where they were before. Therefore, ballpoint pens are an essential part of school supply kits.


Whether students prefer composition, wide-ruled, or college-ruled, notebooks are an absolute must when in school. Students can use them for general purposes or designate them for certain classes. So before buying binders and paper, start simple with notebooks. This is especially true if you buy them in wholesale school supply kits.


Getting through the day is hard enough, but having to survive a whole semester or year is difficult for students trying to keep track of everything by writing in random notebooks. If they have a planner, they will know where everything is and have every date and important note listed. That way, they can stay on top of their studies without all the stress and pressure of school coming down on them.

Now that you know the top five things to include in school supply kits, you can help students stay on top of things. This means they have the potential to succeed in school, no matter what!