Top Donation Items To Add To Your Charity List This Year

Before you make that rash decision to bag up everything that you have laying around the house, make sure that the things you’re giving back are worthwhile. Not only should you consider the quality of the items, but also the need for each item. Do your due diligence and research what people need the most, especially during the winter months, as things can get a little dicey with the weather. In case this proves to be difficult, here are several donation items to add to your charity list this year so that you can get a head start.

The Essentials: Socks and Undergarments

When it’s frigid outside, you need to have the proper garments available to stay warm, such as socks and long johns. Before you stuff those extra items in the back of your dresser where they will never be used, think twice. Give them to someone who will need them this holiday season so that they can weather the winter storms. If you’re not ready to part with your own socks, consider buying wholesale socks in bulk and donating them instead.

Blankets of All Shapes and Sizes

It seems that blankets multiply like grass. People often collect them to the extreme until they no longer know what to do with them. Instead of hoarding them at your grandma’s house or putting them back in the attic where you know they won’t be touched, try doing some early spring cleaning and donating them. Donate as many as you can to gain the added free space and peace of mind back that you so desperately need.

Lightly Used Jackets and Coats

How often do you open a closet at a relative’s house and see that it’s full of jackets and coats that no one can wear? If there are children involved or the kids have recently moved out of the house, this occurrence is even more likely. As we grow up, we go through so many clothes, especially jackets and coats. So, if your mom still hasn’t parted with your things, or you have a grandmother who never throws a single thing away, try to clear out those closets this year.

Giving doesn’t have to be a chore if you know where to look. Dust off those old garment bags and dig through those dressers to find all the excess items you have stashed away. Take those items that have been used and make good use of them. You might even add them to your own pile of donation items to add to your charity list this year while you’re getting everything together for a good cause.