Ways Your Church Can Support Schools

2020 has not allowed for the standard school year. School teachers, students, and administrators have adjusted to hybrid or strictly at-home schedules to accommodate for safety restrictions. Now more than ever do they need the support of their community to make it a successful year. Fortunately, there are lots of ways your church can support schools to truly make a difference.

Best Ways To Support Local Schools

Supply Them

Most schools experience a higher demand for school equipment than what they are supplied with. Your church can help schools acquire the materials they need by running a school supplies drive. Wholesale school supplies distributors make it easy and affordable to obtain a large bulk of donations. When purchasing supplies, you can consider a few different facets of schools that need supplies, such as:

  • Libraries – Libraries are an amazing resource for children if they are well-equipped. Churches can supply a school’s library with new novels or see if they will take gently used books.
  • Staff rooms – If local teachers are still going into the classrooms to teach, stock their staff room. Provide snacks and water bottles so the teachers can remain nourished throughout the day. Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a plentiful spread in the break room.
  • Classrooms – Tons of material goes into making a classroom fun, educational, and clean. Sift through your parish for extra cleaning wipes, pencils, or craft supplies and offer supplementary items to local schools.
  • Technology – With an influx of classes going digital, technology is a must. Your church can safely host a technology drive. Devices from this drive will ensure teachers and students with low funds have the equipment necessary to educate or learn.

In light of COVID-19, confirm with local schools that they are accepting physical donations at this time.

Mentor and Volunteer

After-school programs are amazing and necessary opportunities for students to catch-up on curriculum or get ahead. They are also utilized to build a sense of school community and offer new skillsets through the arts or sports. Find folks within the church who are willing to provide these programs with their expertise on certain hobbies. Schools are often in need of volunteers, and your church is a great resource of altruistic people.

Get Involved with Events

Getting involved with school events is one of the more interactive ways your church can support schools. Schools have gotten creative throughout the past year, reinventing fundraising events to be online. These digital events manage to foster community and funds while maintaining safe practice. For event to be successful, there needs to be an audience! Allocate members of the church to join public digital school events throughout the year to improve efficiency.

Your church can still exercise its philanthropic values during the pandemic. New event innovations, safety guidelines, and PPE make helping local schools much easier and safer for your church’s community. Explore 2Moda’s extensive list of bulk supplies so your church can support schools in a way that’s significant, yet feasible.

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