Why Bifolds Are the Most Popular Type of Men’s Wallet

It’s no secret that most ladies carry purses or clutches, which come in countless styles, colors, and sizes. However, men usually carry wallets, which also has several styles but with fewer varying features. You might think every wallet is the same, but that’s certainly not the case. Among the many variations, bifolds are some of the most common. Explore the reasons why bifolds are the most popular type of men’s wallet.

They Lay Flat

When it comes to choosing a wallet, men usually want something relatively flat because they put it in their back pocket. If their wallet is too thick, it can cause back issues when they sit with it in their pocket. That said, tri-fold options are usually much thicker because they fold twice. On the other hand, bifold wallets fold in half once, making them the more flat option.

They Have Space for More Cash

Deciding on a wallet isn’t always an easy decision, and you should choose based on your personal preferences. Because bifold options only fold once, they’re ideal for holding cash. Therefore, if you like to carry an abundance of cash all the time, a bifold wallet is probably the best option for you. For instance, if you try to put too much cash in a tri-fold, you might not be able to close it at all.

They’re Great for Those With Few Cards

Many men choose trifold wallets because they carry more cards than cash. However, bifold wallets are perfect for those with few cards. Even though they don’t have as many slots for your debit and credit cards, bifold wallets are among the most compact choices for men. That said, you can stop yourself from carrying too much unnecessary stuff in your wallet by carrying a bifold.

They Fit in Almost Any Pocket

Bifold wallets are the most popular because they fit in almost any pocket. Most men opt to carry their wallet in their pockets, making it extremely important for it to fit comfortably. If you can’t fit your wallet in your pocket, you shouldn’t choose it for long-term use.

Now that you know why bifolds are the most popular type of men’s wallet, you might consider buying some from a wallet supplier to sell, donate, or share with other people. Wallets are an important accessory for men—be sure you get the best ones to suit the intended recipients.