Why Giving Makes Us Feel Good

The feeling we get from giving to others is perfectly depicted in The Grinch, the titular character’s heart growing three times its size from sharing gifts. What is it about charitable acts that lift our spirits? 2moda strives to provide for school donation drives, homeless outreach programs, and any needs in between, so we know a thing or two about why giving makes us feel good. Read on to discover a few reasons why generosity can leave you feeling great.

It Makes Us Happy

Studies have shown that putting money toward others can make you feel happier than spending it on yourself. While the purpose of being kind and generous may be to make the people around you feel good, odds are you’ll end up in high spirits, too.

Giving Promotes Social Engagement

Making constant, genuine efforts to uplift others means you’re more likely to experience quality interactions and gain stronger connections with people. Generosity is a highly revered trait. When you express your generosity toward others, they’re likely to give in return or want to pay it forward somehow.

The more positive and generous interactions you have with others, the more open to close relationships you’re likely to be. Being on the receiving end of generosity can make us feel connected to someone, just as giving back can do the same, whether that’s with your friends, family, or community.

Generosity Sparks Gratitude

When it comes to swapping gifts, we’re quick to exude feelings of appreciation. Gifts are a symbol of gratitude, regardless of whether we’re giving or receiving it. While giving a gift may signal your gratitude for someone, getting a thoughtful gift is likely to produce the same.

Thinking outside of the scope of gifts, giving to your community and expecting nothing in return can spark that same feeling of gratitude. Having an appreciation for the people and things in your life that bring you joy is monumental to your well-being. The positive relationship between mental health and charitable acts is largely the reason why giving makes us feel good.

For your next charitable endeavor, consider 2moda. We have an expansive catalog, making us one of the most reliable wholesale school supplies distributors with a dual purpose of supplying kits to donate to people experiencing homelessness. Explore our website and contact us today with any questions regarding our products or free shipping policy.

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