Why People Make Donations to Charity

When you step back and consider it, the fact that many people freely give of their own resources to help a charitable cause is remarkable. Though it’s impossible to know exactly why someone gives—donors’ reasons often stem from many factors—there are a couple of hallmark reasons why people make donations to charity. Read on to learn what some of these are.

To Help Other People

First, and perhaps most obvious, people donate to meet others’ needs. Today, there are many ways people fundraise to fight the coronavirus pandemic even while they’re stuck at home. These people must do something to make others’ lives better who suffer from health complications, job loss, and other pandemic consequences. This pattern plays out at other times, even without a menacing pandemic at play. As observers see others’ disadvantages and step into their shoes, they cannot help but empathetically give of themselves. Otherwise, donors may give out of a direct connection with the cause they give to. For example, someone who experiences malnutrition or rejection from their birth parents is more likely to support food banks or a foster care organization, respectively.

Giving Is Part of Their Identity

Another reason people make donations to charity is because doing so is part of their established identity. Their sense of morality, acquired from their parents, may dictate some kind of others-centered action. Similarly, someone’s conviction about their faith may encourage them toward charitable giving. In each case, giving in accordance with their identity provides them satisfaction and purpose, which encourages sustained giving.

To Support a Charity They Trust

Additionally, people give to charity because of an existing relationship with and commitment to a charitable organization. When people see a charity’s work in their community over time, they see value in the organization because they value that community. In turn, they trust this group of people to do good and support them. Charities grow in others’ esteem not only by creating beneficial programs, but by communicating transparently with others. Charities that show donors specific, actionable goals gain their trust quickly because donors desire to know where their resources will go when they part with them.

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