A group of parents wearing light blue t-shirts that say the word volunteer on the front celebrating their school fundraiser donations.

Participating in school fundraisers is a rewarding experience and a rite of passage when you have school-aged children. However, it’s important to know the tricks for selling if you want to make a sizeable impact. Our quick guide to selling items at school fundraisers will walk you through key strategies to captivate your audience, broaden your sales reach, and hit your financial goals.

Sell Items That Suit Your Target Audience

When choosing items to sell at a school fundraiser, it’s crucial to consider who will attend the event. If parents are the primary audience, consider items that could appeal to adults, such as home decor or specialty foods. For events students will attend, choose trendy items like stickers, toys, or school merchandise. Matching your products to the interests and needs of your attendees will help boost sales and improve the event experience.

Learn How To Sell Without Overselling

The art of selling involves promoting your items enthusiastically without pushing too hard. Share the benefits and value of the items, and let the products speak for themselves. Convey how purchasing these items benefits the school, perhaps by funding new playground equipment or library books. Connecting with potential buyers encourages them to make more generous purchases and helps them feel like they’ve made meaningful contributions.

Set a Timeline for Achieving Your Fundraising Goals

Setting a clear timeline for your fundraiser will help you and other parents maintain focus and motivation. Break your fundraising goals into smaller, more manageable targets with deadlines. This approach keeps your team motivated and allows you to adjust your strategies based on what’s working best. Monitoring your progress toward these mini goals can give you a real sense of achievement as you reach your final target.

Widen Your Net: Sell Items to Individuals and Businesses

Don’t limit your sales to the school community. Contact local businesses that may be interested in sponsoring the event or purchasing bulk items. Many companies are keen to support local schools, and their contributions can significantly boost your total sales. Additionally, consider setting up an online shop so that friends and family who are unable to attend in person can still support the fundraiser.

Choose the Top Items To Sell at School Fundraisers

Some of the best-selling items at school fundraisers include themed merchandise, baked goods, and custom apparel. However, don’t overlook the potential of seasonal items, especially if your fundraiser coincides with a holiday. Items like holiday ornaments, Valentine’s cards, or even bulk gloves and hats from 2Moda can be very popular. These products cater to seasonal needs and add a festive element to your sales strategy.

Our quick guide to selling items at school fundraisers highlights the importance of understanding your audience, selling wisely, setting clear goals, and broadening your sales horizons. Remember, every item sold brings you one step closer to your fundraising target, so consider stocking up on universally appealing seasonal items like bulk gloves and hats to ensure your fundraiser is a success. Happy selling!