5 Reasons Your Growing Boutique Should Sell Women’s Handbags

If you’re a small-business owner who specializes in fashion, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t offer handbags. There are many types that suit ladies’ needs and preferences, which translates to a large market.

Still not convinced? Let’s go into detail and thoroughly explore the reasons your growing boutique should sell women’s handbags.

Bags for All Occasions

Most women always have a handbag with them, whether they’re carrying just a phone and wallet or many essentials.

Some common examples of handbags are:

  • A durable, large purse for a busy mom with many belongings
  • An elegant clutch for a lady attending a holiday party
  • A backpack for a woman who travels

The market being so wide is a crucial reason for your growing boutique to sell women’s handbags. If you don’t offer an essential item, you are missing out on many potential sales.

Vintage Bags Sell for Big Bucks

You can make a considerable profit margin on vintage bags. This is especially true if it’s also a designer brand. These are long-lasting products with plenty of character, and people love to invest in these items.

Department stores sell the latest styles, so you can offer something exclusive by selling vintage handbags. Look for good deals at thrift stores and online resale apps. By acquiring these beauties at a good price, you maximize your profit margin.

Wholesale Bags Offer Variety at a Discount

Some ladies aren’t looking to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one designer handbag. Your boutique should accommodate all levels of income rather than catering to only one group.

This is where selling wholesale women’s bags come into play. Purchasing in bulk gives you an incredible discount, which, in turn, means you can sell these items to your customers at an affordable price. You also can find plenty of varieties, from clutches to evening bags, so all women can likely find something they love.

Give Fashionistas a Wow Factor

Fashion lovers typically have more handbags than anyone out there. This dynamic piece can make or break an outfit. The perfect bag has the power to take a look to the next level.

For instance, a woman going to a black-tie event may need the perfect clutch for a finishing touch to her evening gown. Alternatively, a fun-loving girl attending a Halloween party might want a cute pumpkin or ghost bag to pull her costume together.

Bags Are Easy To Ship

If you’re still building your brand, there is a good chance you operate your business online. Handbags are a great item to sell because they are lightweight, lending themselves well to shipping.

Some best shipping and handling practices include:

  • Inspecting the bag to make sure it’s accurate to the product description
  • Cleaning leather bags when necessary
  • Filling the bag with tissue paper to help keep its shape
  • Cushioning the bag with packing materials
  • Using either a box or poly mailer, depending on the bag
    • Expensive ones should be in a box for maximum protection
  • Sending the bag promptly after receiving the payment to ensure good reviews

Selling women’s handbags opens you up to incredible profits. From vintage to wholesale bags, you have plenty of options. Most importantly, you can brighten many different types of ladies’ days by offering them a bag that’s right for them.