Everything You Need To Know About Buying Wallets in Bulk

There are many factors to consider when choosing wholesale products to stock in your boutique. Ultimately, you want essentials that people will use daily. Can you think of an item that almost everyone carries in their pocket or purse?

The answer is a wallet. This product comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Let’s take a deep dive into everything you need to know about buying wallets in bulk. By understanding what factors to keep in mind, you can make smart choices when stocking your store, whether online or brick-and-mortar.

What Do People Keep in Their Wallets?

Depending on factors like personality and age, the belongings a person carries in their wallet vary considerably. Some common items include:

  • Cash (dollar bills and change)
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Insurance and membership cards
  • Smartphones
  • Photos they hold close to their hearts

Pro Tip

Never keep your social security card in your wallet as it’s difficult to replace in case of theft.

Qualities To Consider in a Wallet

People are unique, which means they have different preferences. Therefore, you should consider all possibilities when purchasing wholesale wallets in bulk to ensure that you have something for everyone.

Let’s go over some important features that most think of when they want a new wallet.


One important factor people consider is size. They may want a big or small wallet, depending on their needs.

Most people prefer a slim wallet because it weighs less and is easier to carry around. Minimalists can slip it into their pockets or purses without any issue. Some people like varieties that fuse a purse and wallet, creating a useful all-in-one product.

Conversely, others may want a large wallet. While they weigh more, they can carry all their belongings without issue. Consider the size you want to stock depending on your demographic.


Based on the number of belongings a person keeps in their wallet, they will want a different number of compartments. Small and slim wallets often have only a few, while other types, such as the tri-fold, have many.

People who travel light will choose thin billfolds or metal clips to hold cash or a few cards.

Alternatively, a mom who loves shopping may want to purchase a large wallet. Larger wallets have compartments that can hold the credit cards to her favorite stores. She may also enjoy another section for her change or perhaps a separate coin purse altogether.


Another quality to think about is the longevity of a wallet. Certain people may only concern themselves with this a little if they're more interested in finding a great deal. Cost-effective wallets can often last for at least a year, though sometimes they last longer depending on how often a person uses them.

However, some folks want one high-quality wallet that lasts forever, like those who hate shopping. In that case, you should consider stocking products made from durable materials. While this will be more of an investment, you can target this demographic with higher-quality wallets.

Wallet Materials

Let’s look at some common materials used in wallets. Familiarizing yourself with these products can help you make informed decisions for your business.

Genuine Leather

There’s nothing quite like the real thing, right? This idea is incorrect when you consider wallets made from genuine leather. While the material is authentic, it has low durability, so it doesn’t last long. However, some may choose these wallets because they’re cost-effective.

Full-Grain Leather

Consider investing in full-grain leather for folks who want something that stands the test of time. People interested in a high-quality wallet will want to invest in this variety. A neat perk about full-grain leather is it ages like a fine wine, so it continues to look great in the coming years as it forms a patina.

Full-grain leather offers a smooth finish. It’s flexible and doesn’t crack easily, and some people enjoy the markings on it from when the animal was alive because they add character.

PU Leather

Conversely, people who love animals, especially vegans and vegetarians, would not want a wallet made from leather. Other folks who want a great bargain also probably care little about the material.

Artificial alternatives can help fill the void for people in this category, especially if they want a material that looks like leather. One popular synthetic material is PU leather, which stands for polyurethane. While it’s not as resilient as full-grain leather, it still can last for a year or more, based on the level of use. Cleaning the material can help extend its longevity.


Another versatile synthetic material is polyester. It can look like leather but may also have a cloth-like finish. This choice works well for someone who wants an alternative that looks a little different.

Pro Tip

Polyester stitching works well in wallets made from other materials.

Types of Wallets

Now that we know which materials are common in wallets, we can look at some different types to understand what various consumers want.


This is the most common type on the market and what most people prefer. Bi-folds have a crease in the middle, much like a book. Some also call them billfolds, which makes sense since these sorts are slim with a minimal number of compartments.


Think of the bi-fold wallet expanding by one more, and you have the tri-fold. This variety is often rectangular-shaped, whereas bi-folds tend to be square. These wallets are great for people who carry more cards with them.

Money Clip

People who travel light might want to consider getting a money clip. This is a convenient way to hold dollar bills, but they can also hold cards. These are sometimes metal, though leather and other synthetic varieties are available.


Alternatively, folks who don't carry cash may want to invest in a cardholder for the ultimate form of minimalism. This is ideal for only holding plastic.


Folks attending a black-tie event or party may want a clutch. These are small wallets that only leave room for essentials. Some varieties have straps, though others do not.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have learned everything you need to know about buying wallets in bulk. A thorough understanding of the product helps you make informed decisions about what you want to buy for your boutique.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Wallets in Bulk