5 Ways To Help Veterans in Your Community

When people meet a veteran, they thank them for their service. However, there are ways to express gratitude for these important members of our society that go beyond words. To help you get started, here are five ways to help veterans in your community.

Assist With Their Medical Needs

Veterans are often in need of frequent medical care, and you can make it easier for them. For example, you could drive them to their appointments or help them schedule visits for prescriptions or medical care. It would also be helpful to learn where the local VA clinics are, so you can arrange the most helpful and tailored care for them.

Volunteer To Build Houses

Many volunteer charity programs do a lot for veterans, including some that build homes for veterans who need them most. Providing housing is one of the most needed and dignifying ways to help veterans. Plus, after you assist in the construction of a home, you can add the name of a veteran you know to a list of potential candidates for the home.

Provide Them With a Service Dog

Getting a service dog for a veteran is a great way to provide them with companionship and support their mental well-being. This is especially important for veterans who lack support systems or who suffer from trauma or physical ailments.

Provide a Means of Communication

If you know a veteran who doesn’t have access to working phones or the internet, you could help by buying them a prepaid phone. This will allow them autonomy in their communications and give them a means to obtain help should they need it. It will also help them stay connected with friends and family, which is essential to mental well-being.

Donate Supplies for Homeless Vets

Homelessness disproportionally affects veterans, so assisting veterans experiencing homelessness is an incredibly practical and meaningful way to help. If you have the means, consider investing in bulk homeless supplies to donate. You can donate to organizations that disperse these supplies directly to veterans, or you can donate to shelters that keep supplies in stock for veterans whenever they need them.

These are five ways you can help veterans in your community get by on hard times. By helping in these ways, you provide for veterans’ basic needs and support their dignity and overall well-being.