Giveaway Ideas To Help Small Businesses Win Customers

Learning how to appeal to customers is the top priority of all businesses. Discovering how to do that successfully is something that many companies spend a lot of their time finessing. Some methods allow the business to become more visible to the public and cater to individual customers with various marketing techniques. One such marketing technique is offering giveaways. Here are some giveaway ideas to help small businesses win customers.

The Travel Gift Set

Because many people spend a long amount of time in a car, giving away a travel gift set is a wonderful opportunity for a business to try and snag potential customers. With this set, you could offer a pair of sunglasses, a few car stickers, some air fresheners, and a travel cup for those long ventures. A set like this will grab the attention of your potential customers, and your marketing may make them more interested in shopping for your other products. The winner of the giveaway may at least leave you a good review, which is equally as good as having a paying customer.

The Office Swag Box

If you sell office equipment, this is an opportune time to give away some office swag. You could add all kinds of cool things to your office swag box. For example, you can give away a personalized bobblehead with your logo, a mug, custom company coasters with their name embossed on them, or a multi-tool for everyday use. Everyone wants to make their workday a little more interesting with fun items, and you can bring their attention to your business by hosting an office swag box giveaway.

An All-in-One Brew Station

No one enjoys having to get up from their desk to make it over to the lounge for a cup of coffee. Then, when they reach the lounge, they may not have any sugar or creamer, or they may be out of cups. That’s why you can set them up with an all-in-one exclusive company brew station. These are revolutionary in how people make coffee. They allow you to brew, filter, and drink coffee from the same spot. This item will be appealing to your potential customers as they will feel like the coolest kid in their office with gear like this. Even though it’s a bit more expensive, an all-in-one brew station is the perfect giveaway item.

Cards and a Card Case

Blank cards are an easy and unique giveaway item, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every time the winner goes to use their card set, they’ll remember your company, especially if you add your logo to them. This could make them a lifetime customer! Match these cards with a leather card holder, and you have a gift that they won’t forget anytime soon.

The Company Sampler

A great way to showcase what people know your company for is by giving away a sample kit. This sample kit can contain a multitude of items that the winner can enjoy for a long time. Whether your company sells beauty products or food, giving this gift will keep the customer thinking about you. This is especially a great idea for restaurants and delivery services.

Happy Hour Snack Pack

You might take your attention off of your business and send a small care package full of drinks and snacks with a small handwritten letter for the potential customer. Inside, you might include how much you appreciate them looking into your company. A happy hour snack pack is an inexpensive yet personal giveaway gift that almost anyone will love.

Holiday Gift Card

People love it when you gift them something that they can use for themselves, so consider giving away gift cards. You can send the winner of the giveaway a small letter with a gift card inside. This will encourage the winner to shop with you, and if they love your products, you may have a returning customer. To take it a step further, you might offer them a one-time promotional discount on a product of their choosing. This will further encourage them to use their gift and see what your business has to offer.

Business Calendar and Planner

Everyone needs a calendar and a planner for the year ahead. Having something like this at your side is wonderful for work and recreational time. If a calendar is important to you, you can assume that your customers will use it just as often! These make great giveaway items because your customers will love them, and they’ll remind them of your company all year round.

Makeup Kits for the Ladies

For the ladies, you can set up a makeup kit giveaway with all the accessories that they could ever want. This will surely grab their attention and have them swooning in no time. If you want to give away multiple kits, you can always buy wholesale makeup accessory kits, as buying in bulk can lower the cost of making the kit. Everyone can benefit from this, but the ladies will love it the most.

Grooming Bag for the Fellas

For the guys, a grooming set is always on their minds. After all, they can never be too clean. Shaving and grooming are something that men do daily, so setting up a grooming bag giveaway is sure to catch their attention. Showing them this kind of love will make them look in your direction with interest and curiosity. Plus, once they try out the products you have to offer, you’ll have a customer for life.

When you’re thinking about possible giveaway ideas to help your small business win new customers, look no further than this list. Giveaways are an excellent way to get the message out to the public about your company. It shows how much care you put into customer satisfaction, as you believe in your products enough to let them speak for themselves. Plus, your customers will love feeling appreciated when they receive a free gift.

Make sure you’re always putting the customer first in every step of your work, and you will watch your business flourish.

Giveaway Ideas To Help Small Businesses Win Customers