7 Things To Include in Care Packages for Men

Although men are less likely to express their needs, they need just as much care as women do in many ways. Men need to be groomed and bathe more as they perspire and get dirty easily. When thinking about men that are in need, it’s important to consider hygiene needs first before everything else so that they can feel their best and be at their best all the time. This will contribute to the likelihood of them reaching their potential and gaining their own levels of success at some point in their lives. Above all else, here are the seven things to include in care packages for men so that you will know what they need in order to succeed.

High-Quality Socks

Most articles of clothing are easy to come by, but when you’re on the street, it’s hard to wash your clothes often, if not at all. With this said, the most important article of clothing that you can keep on your person for good health is socks. No matter what time of the year, it still gets cold at night and during inclement weather. So, you could potentially get sick if you weather the elements enough without clean and dry socks. If you have a large enough variety of them, you can change them out daily and always have dry and clean feet. This will help you immensely throughout the year, wherever you go. Keeping your feet in check is the single greatest thing you can do for your health. If the health of your feet starts to decline, then you become immobile and disabled, and you can’t work or stay up for long.

Soap and Bodywash

Not everyone has access to a working shower or bathroom with a tub, so for those who don’t have those amenities, they make do with what they have, and when they can, they bathe. Improving the quality of someone else’s life starts from the ground up, and that means having the ability to keep yourself clean to keep your health up. Being in a society, most people prefer to be around clean individuals in a public setting because it’s ethically the right thing to do and it’s sanitary.

Toothpaste and a Toothbrush

Everyone should have the option to brush their teeth at least once a day if they can. This may not be the standard or what dentists recommend, but something is better than nothing. When you don’t have the resources you need, you tend to want to conserve the things you have to last as long as possible. This could mean a successful job interview for a particular guy who wasn’t ashamed or scared to get personal with his potential employer because his dental health was in check.


One of the most important items worth mentioning is deodorant, and this isn’t specific to just men. Both men and women should wear deodorant. We all sweat, and some of us more than others. Some sweat because they are more active, and others simply because it’s how their natural biology is wired. Whatever the case, it’s nice to have the ability to keep all the smells at bay so that you can network with people on a professional level. This could mean the difference in a person’s success later on in life.

Lip Balm

When you’re outdoors most of the time due to your circumstances, you can be sure that the elements will eventually strip your body of its natural oils. This means that you will have to keep yourself moisturized as much as possible to retain some of that elasticity in your skin, otherwise, you’ll just become a raisin in the sun. The same concept applies to your mouth, and your lips need help too. That’s why it’s always a good idea to carry lip balm with you wherever you go because you never know how long or how much sun exposure you might get on any given day. The last thing you want is chapped bleeding lips and scars to go with it. So, this is a perfect addition to care packages for men.

Wholesale Wallets

Men go through wallets like candy, and that’s just solely because the wallets get used. Buying into wholesale wallets is a great idea because you can hand them out, and there will never be a man that isn’t appreciative of a new wallet or a wallet that won’t be put to good use over the years. Wallets are useful not just for the sake of organizing money, but for identification purposes. In addition, wallets can hold important documentation that men may need to keep on them in the event that they are in trouble or need to access certain facilities.

Baby Wipes

Back to bathing, showers aren’t always an option out in the world when you have nowhere else to go. One alternative that is always a great backup, however, is baby wipes. They are durable and wet enough with the right chemicals to strip down your skin of all the dirt and oil and get you almost as clean as you would normally get in a shower. You may need to practice using them to get the most out of them, but they work in a pinch.


Just like having lotion and lip balm on hand, sunscreen will help to protect you against the UV rays of the sun. You may not notice at first, but over time, the sun can have harmful effects on your skin and can not only burn you, but age your skin with exposure as well. So, this is something worth considering when you’re outside all of the time. Having a stash of sunscreen on hand will help you keep your skin healthier and give your body the longevity that it deserves.

When thinking about care packages for men, especially giving to the less fortunate, use this list so you will know what they need most. This list compiles the seven things to include in care packages for men so they can always be at their very best.

7 Things To Include in Care Packages for Men