The Top Characteristics of a Quality Backpack

People have many uses for backpacks, from using them on long hikes, daily outings, or school to just wearing them as a casual accessory that helps you keep track of your things throughout your day. Whatever your cause, you should have a quality backpack to get you through it all. The top characteristics of a quality backpack should be straightforward and simple. If you heed these tips, you’ll know what you’re getting and can ensure you end up with a quality product.

Packing Only the Essentials

When you’re searching for a quality backpack that you can call your own, you will want to look at certain traits before making your purchase. A backpack should have certain restrictions, beginning with what goes in its main compartment. If you’re using the backpack at school, that main component should be reserved for essential binders, papers, and supplies. If you are instead using the backpack as a hiking accessory, this central compartment should be designated for larger items that are of the highest priority. If you’re using your backpack for daily commuting, this compartment could be used to store all your personal belongings, starting with your most essential in the center compartment.

Regardless of how you intend to use the backpack, you should ensure that the main compartment is large enough to hold at least 10 percent of your body weight. This compartment will serve to carry the majority of your belongings. It is important that you check these ratios so that you can maintain proper back and shoulder alignment and continue to use the backpack for long periods without it wearing down quickly.

Back Support Is Crucial

Your backpack should support your back above all else. This means that the backside of your bag should be thoroughly padded so that the excess weight and items don’t put pressure on your spine. You already must deal with the weight pulling down on your back, but to have that same weight pushing against your back horizontally is a recipe for back pain. So, make sure that you are investing in a backpack that is comfortable enough for longer excursions. It will ultimately help you in the long run.

Shoulder Support Is Also Important

Just as your back needs support, so too do your shoulders due to how they keep your back aligned. With added weight comes added pressure and stress on your shoulders and arms. This makes for uncomfortable wear without padding that will cut your trips short due to the lack of distance you will be able to withstand. This should never be the case when you’re doing what you love, so make sure to choose a backpack that provides thick and cushioned shoulder padding that will ensure the only thing you feel is happy and ready to keep going.

The More Pockets, the Better

Backpacks are all about accessories, as you will find in bulk kids’ backpacks, and the more pockets you can have, the better. Most backpacks used to have pockets on only the inside of the bag, but now they are both inside and outside. This provides much more versatility with how bags are being made these days. Again, you will need to make sure that your belongings are evenly distributed across the pockets for proper weight distribution when packing your pack. With all the extra resources available, everyone needs backpacks with this kind of versatility.

Weight Distribution Is Key

We cannot stress enough how important weight distribution is. If your backpack has all the bells and whistles, but all the weight still sinks to the bottom of your bag and pulls back on your spine, you can be sure to experience back trouble at some point soon.

The Material Should Be Durable

Most extreme sport and camping backpacks are either made from high-density nylon or canvas to prevent any rips or tears. Many branches of the military use these combat-ready bags to pack medical gear and provisions. Other bags of the same material haul everything that soldiers need to carry with them in wartime arenas. Many campers share the luxury of new-age nylons and canvas bags that are as grizzly as the outdoors. These style bags are able to take a beating against the elements and experiences that they are put through in the great outdoors.

Your Backpack Should Protect

If your backpack isn’t strong enough to protect your things, then you’re truly missing out on one of the key reasons to have a backpack in the first place. The material that your backpack is made with should be fully weatherproof or able to withstand any extreme weather that comes its way.

Sizing Is Everything

The best way to size your backpack properly is to look at your torso length first. If you measure your torso length appropriately compared to the backpack, then you will be able to adjust the pack to your height as needed. It is especially important that hikers and campers find backpacks that are adjusted to their torsos for proper height and placement on the back. You must also consider hip sizing, which supports the back. Without these two factors in place, your trips would be short but not sweet.

The Stitching Must Be Up To Code

Any manufactured good, whether it’s manufactured by hand or machine, should have stitches that are evenly placed and consistent. The stitching must have multiple lines present to secure the stitch in place, and the stitch itself should be comprised of a hiker thread so that it lasts a long time.

Finding the backpack that’s right for you might take a little work, but it will be worth it once you have done a little shopping and research. This will ensure that you have everything you need to get the job done right without hurting yourself. Longevity is key to the many reasons that we wear backpacks. Finding the correct set of the top characteristics of a quality backpack is something that everyone should do to ensure they can get the most out of their outings and trips.

The Top Characteristics of a Quality Backpack