Awesome Charities That Accept Toy Donations

If you’re a parent, you may have noticed toys collecting in your home to the point of clutter. Trying to clean out your house can simultaneously serve as an opportunity for your family to be charitable. 2Moda has created this list of awesome charities that accept toy donations so you can provide a precious gift to a child in need. These charities make it easy to spread love and cheer over the holidays by working with families all over to ensure every child has something under the tree this year.

American Red Cross

You probably recognize the name of this organization because of its association with widespread natural disaster relief and emergency assistance. The humanitarian organization dates to 1881, with the mission to provide for those in need remaining constant. With the help of affiliated donation organization GreenDrop, gently used items are sifted through and redispersed to those who need them most. Their website offers a comprehensive list of accepted donations to be contributed to American Red Cross, including gently-used toys.

Recycle 2 Support

Recycle 2 Support highlights their mission in recycling textiles for the betterment of the earth and people in need. They have been turning over donated household items and clothing since 1986 to minimize the textile industry’s carbon footprint. They give clothing and toys another lifecycle, delaying their disposal into landfills.


If you’ve donated clothing or furniture before, it’s likely you’ve dropped it off at a Goodwill store. Goodwill is a thrift store that supports its community through job placement services and programs that help individuals who have trouble securing a job by traditional methods.

Goodwill stores across the nation accept toy donations. Proceeds made from accessibly priced resale toys go toward their community-benefitting programs. They can also administer a tax form, should you donate an amount of items you wish to write off on your taxes later.

The Salvation Army

One of the awesome charities that accept toy donations is the Salvation Army. Similar to Goodwill, The Salvation Army accepts gently-used items to be resold at a fraction of their original price. They are globally recognized for their work in humanitarianism and have continued to thrive as a Christian-based charity.

When making your charitable rounds, consider adding a few new items into your donation mix. Maximize your impact on the children in need within your community by purchasing bulk kids backpacks or apparel. 2Moda offers various wholesale items, including kids toys, so you can provide the families struggling in your community with new material alongside gently-used products.

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