Ways To Donate During the Holiday Season

When looking for ways to donate during the holiday season, you’ll find there are vast opportunities to give back. The variety of organizations relying on volunteer work increase the odds you can find a cause relevant to you.


If you’re on a tight financial budget this year, consider offering your time. Volunteering is a huge contribution you can make during the holiday season at no cost. There is a plethora of organizations that utilize volunteer work, giving you the option to find a program that best suits your interests or that is most meaningful to you. Prior to volunteering, make yourself aware of any COVID-19 safety guidelines set by the charitable organization.

Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels America initiative was created to help serve seniors from their home and ensure they’re receiving proper meals. Older adults are at a greater risk of experiencing food insecurity— and being susceptible to loneliness, as well. You can donate to Meals on Wheels using your vehicle and time to deliver a warm meal and greetings to homebound seniors.

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters experience a rush of new animals in the winter because of the risk the weather poses to animals living outside. Whether it’s administrative work or tending to kittens, animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help.

If you’re unable to volunteer, shelters are constantly in need of animal food, toys, and blankets. Sift through any gently used animal toys at home to gather much-appreciated donations. Animal shelters are continually on the search for people willing to foster animals . If you’re capable, welcome a temporary furry friend into your home for the holidays!


Most charitable organizations highlight their need for monetary support. If you can provide fiscally, consider making a contribution via check or cash to your selected program. Another way to nobly apply your financial advantage during the holiday season is to purchase and provide essential resources to your chosen charitable foundation.

Homeless Shelter

There is an abundance of items that top homeless shelter needed donations lists each year. Homeless shelters typically experience a surge of people in need during winter months, making the influx of donations during the holidays especially crucial. Employing your office, family, or friends to contribute and buy wholesale socks bulk is one way to tack an item off your local homeless shelters wanted resources. 2Moda offers wholesale socks, hygiene kits, care packages, and more to cover all your charitable goals.

Giving Circles

One of the ways to donate during the holiday season is to start a giving circle within your community. A giving circle is when a group of any size pools together money to give to a charity of their collective choosing. If you are a part of a book club, Facebook group, or recreational sports team, initiate a giving circle today. Your group will be given the opportunity to make a sizeable impact while learning about community and philanthropy.

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