Coloring the Stress Away

Coping mechanisms are everywhere and everyone’s are different. For some, it’s an activity, for others it’s creating a tangible project. No matter how you spin it, coping mechanisms redirect focus from the stressors to a more pleasurable event. I, personally, enjoy engulfing my thoughts into an activity that requires a lot of focus and thought.

Initially, I tried word puzzles and Sudokus, but as a person who is terrible at math and all things numerical, they seemed to amplify more than alleviate my stress. As a child, I always enjoyed coloring, so when I saw that that the newest trend in stress relief was adult coloring books, I needed to try it! Once I tried it, I fell in love. It was such a fun way to distract and relax. I somehow ended up like 5 different coloring books and have colored most of the pages in each.

Because I have very like-minded friends and coworkers, I thought it would be nice to supply my friends and office with random coloring books. Unfortunately, they retail at a fairly high price, however at wholesale, they’re so affordable! And you can never have too many options for stress relief in the house.

Order a case now!

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