Girl’s Night? Give Beauty

In the past few years, there has been a surge of movies centered around women going out and getting together and getting into some trouble. As a result, I have seen several of my own acquaintances and friends going on “girls’ trips” or having more frequent “girls’ night outs.” With those, there are usually embarrassing pictures posted to Facebook or drunken Snapchats are screen shot and shared. Often, there are also some kind of tangible memento, like matching shirts, bags or coozies for their beer cans.

As these trips are occasionally for close girl friends to get wasted, wouldn’t it be nice to give a little gift that would be more useful? That way every time they use said item, they think about the fuzzy memories recorded in their phone’s photo albums. And for the trips that aren’t meant to fully go wild, it would still be nice to give a portable, simple and useful gift to allow for frequent recollection of a good time.

Need ideas? Check out what we’ve got!

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