Essential School Supplies To Have for E-Learning

The pandemic has caused many schools to make the switch to online learning. This adjustment has altered what a comprehensive list of school supplies looks like, as students and staff must consider the technical aspects of e-learning. If you’d like to support your local schools with donations, review this list of essential school supplies to have for e-learning.

Electronic Device

E-learning is impossible without access to an electronic device and internet connection. Consider donating the gently used electronic devices that are cluttering your home. If you have the following items collecting dust in your home, recycle them to your local school for e-learning:

  • Touchscreen tablet
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • PC


A pair of headphones makes for a wonderful donation. Headphones or headsets help limit the number of distractions for students at home. They are also convenient for the rest of the household, if they are learning or working from home, too.

We offer cheap wholesale electronics, including headphone bundles, so you can afford to make a sizable contribution to your local school. You will also find chargers and cables that will be helpful to children learning from home.


It can be difficult to navigate online courses without a computer mouse. Mouses help streamline tasks by making buttons and links easier to clock. A computer mouse is also more efficient for digital highlighting, scrolling, and switching between tabs. Fortunately, for those who use tablets, some touchscreen devices are still compatible with computer mouse connections.

The Basics

Paper, pens, pencils, and coloring supplies still make the list of essential school supplies to have for e-learning. Even though class does not take place in the classroom, students still need the necessities for classwork at home.

Non-technical school supplies include assortments of pens and markers, dry erase boards, scissors, glue sticks, and more. Our inventory includes complete school kits that make bulk supply donations feasible.

Comfortable Setup

You should donate materials that enrich the e-learning experience. A comfortable workspace is crucial to any child’s productivity at home. It may be challenging for children to focus while in their home environment, especially if they’re uncomfortable. Drop off ergonomic materials to your local school so they can distribute them to students who need them most.

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