Tips for Hosting a Virtual School Fundraising Event

Schools have quickly adapted new policies to enforce social distancing guidelines to help keep their students safe. Some schools have employed mask requirements and plexiglass while others have transitioned to online classes.

Schools have seen a lot of change in the past year, including the cancellation of most in-person events. Fundraisers like ice cream socials and bake sales are postponed, causing school staff and PTA organizations to get creative in their approach to raising money for the cause. If you’re venturing online with your donation attempts, use these tips for hosting a virtual school fundraising event.

Getting Started

Setting up a high-performing donation page is the first, and most valuable, component of fundraising. It is important to have a quality donation page that functions on a trustworthy site.

Increased website quality will ensure your donors’ safety and privacy. Find a reliable donation platform to set up a fundraising profile on. Customize the page so that it is recognizable per school. This will make it easier for donors to identify and confirm they are on the desired donation page.

Types of Virtual Fundraising


One monumental way to garner traction for your fundraiser’s page is utilizing your network! This type of virtual fundraising encourages folks to setup a donation page of their own. They can refer their personal network to their page, and increase awareness and attention to the school’s original donation page. Peer-to-peer fundraising is an effective way to boost recognition and credibility of a fundraising page.

Virtual Race

Many fundraising campaigns utilize themed 5k or 10k runs as a secure way to raise money. They get communities to form teams and entire families to turn out for the cause. Of course, this year has called for their cancellation. You can still host a race that draws in donations by transferring it online.

An online 5k encourages donors to run their own path and upload their time. These races have the potential to draw in bigger numbers than an in-person race. Optional running is an appeal to some! Celebrate participants crossing the virtual finish line with a live-stream party. This can also serve as an opportunity to mention how their contributions make a big difference.

Online Shop

Promoting a school’s online shop, or creating one if needed, can be a mutually beneficial way to gain support. Not only will buyers have new merch to represent their favorite school, but they can be content knowing that a portion of proceeds added to the school’s donations. You can also add an option at checkout that gives buyers the opportunity to contribute an additional amount for charity if desired.

If a fundraising campaign focuses online shop and wants to beef up its options, look to purchase popular wholesale items that will do well in your online market. Buying wholesale bulk jewelry will provide your online store with gorgeous earrings and keychains for a fraction of the price. 2Moda has various wholesale items that allow you to tailor your store’s stock to the school community’s wants and needs.

Partner Up

One of the more unique tips for hosting a virtual school fundraising event is to partner up with local businesses. A common strategy when partnering with a restaurant or coffee-house is selecting an allotted time during which a certain percentage of proceeds made will be donated to the school’s fundraiser. Employ the community’s favorite local frozen yogurt joint or sandwich shop to reach toward your fundraising goal while highlighting local business.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool when efficiently applied to a fundraising campaign. There are a multitude of channels that can be implemented, ultimately resulting in a much wider reach than most offline promotion.


Instagram is one of the most common social media platforms. There are a handful of creative ways that have helped boost fundraiser awareness via Instagram, one of them being its new donate feature. Users can attach a donation page link to their profile bio or highlight it when live-streaming on the app. Live streamers are able to view how much those watching are donating in real time. The sticker feature has also played a huge role in making donation pages accessible. When pinned to an Instagram story, certain stickers allow those tapping through to click on the sticker and learn more by taking them directly to the fundraising site. Additionally, employing folks with high followings to promote your fundraiser will garner a significant reach for your school’s community.


A Facebook feature that has become popular since its conception in 2017 is the Birthday Fundraiser. Facebook patrons can set up a donation page linked with their profile for the cause of their choosing. The user’s friends will be notified of the option to donate when scrolling through their feed. The Birthday Fundraising feature is an effortless addition to a fundraising campaign that can gain a lot of recognition for your school.


Within a school’s community it is inevitable you will find a few avid TikTok users. Though the app’s algorithm can get tricky in regard to traction, creating a TikTok hashtag or challenge is a fun way to ask people to spread awareness. Generating engaging content for viewers is a definite way to gain more fundraising footing .

Virtual Concerts

Emphasize the vast talent in your community by hosting a virtual concert! Ask around for artists that would be willing to donate their time for free exposure in return. You can charge a sum of money for tickets to be donated and feature local artists in a safe manner. A virtual concert gives the school’s community the chance to incorporate a form of live music back into their lives while supporting a great cause.

At time of such uncertainty, safe and supportive communities are essential. If there is one thing this year has proved, it is that adverse circumstances don’t have to equate to unfavorable outcomes. Virtual events examples like these listed exemplify how people can transform obstacles into at-home opportunities. Select 2Moda as the quality provider of any fundraising necessities to ensure a stress-free experience online.


The implementation of social distancing guidelines has changed how we go about a lot of activities. Find ways to virtually fundraise for your child’s school.

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