5 Back-to-School Supplies High Schoolers Need

Much more so than middle school, high school is a pivotal time in kids’ lives. This is the stage for serious identity development as they also build a foundation for their future plans. A lot depends on these tumultuous four years going well.

In order to have confidence in their ability to succeed, high school students need basic school supplies. You can provide these essentials through your generous gift to a local education-focused charity or supply drive. For some ideas, here are some back-to-school supplies high schoolers need.


It all starts with the backpack. Kids can’t use their things if they don’t have a bag big that is strong enough to carry them. With a quality backpack in hand, students can transition to different classrooms without leaving paper, pencils, folders, and other supplies behind. This preserves precious instruction time and benefits them. To do the most good per dollar, consider donating our bulk kids backpacks to whatever organization needs them.


Among the absolute basic back-to-school supplies high schoolers need are pencils, pens, and notebooks. Though many other things cycle through a classroom, these allow kids to retain teachers’ lessons by enabling note-taking. Doing so gives space for in-depth thinking that promotes a love of and interest in learning.

Three-Ring Binders

If you left school long ago, it may surprise you the amount of paperwork students deal with each day. Though schools have an ever-increasing online presence, kids still are burdened with physical resources they need to corral in one place. While folders worked fine by themselves in grade school, kids need heftier three-ring binders for high school. These allow precise organization and secure transport between classes.


One hallmark of the high school experience is the graphing calculator. This is probably the most expensive item students would need to purchase. Donating these tools helps financially disadvantaged students thrive in classes that require complicated calculations.

While graphing calculators help with trigonometry, calculus, and other classes, many kids would benefit from less-complicated scientific calculators as well. These types are suitable for students in statistics, accounting, and other fairly complex math classes.

Flash Drives

Meanwhile, flash drives are another piece of tech students may use. Though cloud computing and other means enable broad file sharing, a flash drive is a predictable means of ferrying projects from school computers to home, and vice versa.

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