3 Ways to Diversify Your Charity Fundraising

Those who organize fundraising campaigns for charities often have certain tried-and-true methods. If you’re in this position, you may put together a large fundraising event, master the art of social media integration, or gain a solid chunk from mail-in giving.

As the Coronavirus disrupted the world, it also upended charitable giving. Those who rely on large fundraisers felt the financial pain acutely when they couldn’t hold their events. In general, the pandemic has taught charities the value of not putting all their eggs in one basket. To discover some ways to diversify your charity fundraising, read this quick guide.

Encourage Word-of-Mouth

First, equip your existing donor pool to appeal to friends and family. This makes the donation relationship as easy, enjoyable, and meaningful as possible—people won’t talk about a charity they don’t trust or find especially valuable.

The beauty of word-of-mouth is, while your donation targets specific groups of people, there’s no telling who your present partners will talk to. Depending on how word spreads, you could gain a demographic you didn’t even know was interested in your cause. This is its own form of diversification because people in different groups and walks of life have different motivations for giving and starting or ending their relationship with you.

Build Corporate Relationships

Another way to diversify your charity fundraising is by growing your corporate partnerships. While it’s intimidating to enter this setting, especially for smaller nonprofits, finding business leaders who share your values can be the beginning of a longstanding relationship.

Apart from the many financial benefits of presenting your pitch, you also gain invaluable networking opportunities. Not only do you gain visibility and connection to employees, but a corporate sponsorship can also improve your image in the local community. The most enduring donors are those in your immediate area, and this is one way to win them.

Turn to Enterprise

One more idea is to sell your own products or services to raise money. Now more than ever before, consumers are looking for ways to buy from organizations with a purpose. If you can launch your own merchandise line, create a unique décor product, or offer specialized training courses, you have a chance to attract people without asking for a free gift.

To further diversify your operation, don’t forget to ask for needed tangible items. Sometimes, people are more willing to give these than anything else. Equipped with years of experience meeting charities’ needs, 2moda is a wholesale school supplies distributor that offers all manner of quality, low-cost items your organization could need.

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