How Businesses Can Give Back To the Community

Many companies have a philanthropic mission along with their business-driven goals. When a company assumes social responsibility through giving back or sustainable practices, it demonstrates to clients, customers, and employees that the corporation cares. If you’re starting up a company and hope to create a charitable program or you’re looking to revitalize your company’s current one, consider how businesses can give back to the community.

Ways To Give Back

Your business can implement one or more of these initiatives as a part of its mission. Get your company’s staff involved by offering incentives like a celebratory event or volunteer time off.

Cash Donations

Monetary contributions are some of the most impactful to charitable organizations. Though their work helps communities succeed, nonprofit companies often work on tight budgets. Your business can donate money or products to auction off at charity events.

Not only can you uplift local organizations that support those in need, but you can reap a greater tax deduction. With proper documentation, your donation could cut you or your business a bigger tax break.

Pro Bono Services

On an individual or company-wide scale, you can offer your services to another company, organization, or individual for free. People who prefer a more personal approach to giving back typically offer pro bono services. This allows them to get to know the people and companies within their community.

Mentoring students or offering your skills to a small business can help them lay a strong foundation for their future. Volunteering your time and talents is a surefire way to create positive relationships between your company and community members.

Company-Wide Drives

Company-wide drives are an excellent way to involve all the employees who want to donate. Drives are convenient because they don’t demand much time from the company or employees.

Food, toiletry, coat, and toy drives are popular for large corporations, especially during the holidays. If your business needs wholesale kids toys for its drive, consider 2moda. We have a wide variety of bulk items that allow anyone to make a sizable, yet affordable, contribution.

Letter Campaigns

Employees can utilize their creativity for a greater cause by participating in a letter campaign. This is another charitable initiative that doesn’t take much time. Your company can partner with a card program that delivers handmade letters to seniors, hospitalized children, or veteran groups.

Volunteer Day or Volunteer Time Off

Some company owners overlook how businesses can give back to the community because they lack the time. Even when a business does provide the opportunity for employees to give back, some people feel like they can’t spare the time or energy.

Dedicate a workday to volunteering or allow employees to accrue volunteer time off. By using an entire workday to give back, employees can feel more comfortable taking advantage of the opportunity. When it comes to volunteer paid time off, your staff can support their favorite local organizations and get recognized for their hard work in and outside of the office.

Corporate Team Events

Organize a corporate team of people who love participating in local bike races or marathons. These events often include a charitable initiative that your company can get behind.

Cover the registration fees for the corporate team to encourage participation. Fun, local events like these are engaging and are a great opportunity to build employee relationships and morale.

Company Match Program

Highlight your company’s commitment to supporting its community by implementing a donation match program. This means that whenever an employee donates to a charity, the company will also donate the same amount or more.

Company match programs spark enthusiasm, and they’re a wonderful way to support causes that are meaningful to employees. If necessary, you can put a cap on donation matching (i.e., matching up to $100 in donations).

Why Your Company Should Give Back

Every business wants to stand out among the rest. Public stunts, creative advertising, drastic discounts, and deals—companies will go a long way to grab prospective customers’ attention. Learn why giving back to the community, other than doing some good, is great for your company.

Positive Branding

Giving back to the community demonstrates that a company cares for its community’s prosperity. Having proof of your company’s concern for a positive social impact will go over well with clients, customers, and employees—both now and in the future.

Associating with charitable causes sheds a positive light on your brand and piques consumer interest. Customers and clients can feel confident knowing they’re doing business with a brand that supports others.

Differentiate Your Business

Though there’s no competition in giving back, it can give your company an edge. Stand apart from other companies by sharing your philanthropic endeavors loud and proud. Consumers are more likely to establish trust and loyalty with a company that clearly has an impact.

Draw in New Customers and Retain Old Customers

Make the decision between a competitor or your brand easier for consumers. Actively showcasing your dedication to the community could be the key factor for consumers that have yet to try your product or service.

You’re also likely to retain more customers by continuing to demonstrate your contributions to the community. When your company offers assistance or employees attend charity events, your brand stands out. A good reputation is something that nearly every consumer looks for in a brand.

Boost Company Morale

By hosting company volunteer events, you’re providing a chance for employees who may not normally cross paths to interact with one another. These opportunities speak to your efforts to create a profound company culture for your staff.

Opportunity for Free Publicity

These days, it seems as though everyone could use a more positive news feed. Feel-good blogs and influencers love to relay helpful, impactful companies to their audience. Your company can gain popularity through free publicity simply by giving back.

Increased Company Value

Loyal customers, a positive reputation, ample advertisement—donating or volunteering has a valuable rate of return for any given brand. Establish your company’s value by selecting a local charitable organization to support today.


How Businesses Can Give Back To the Community

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