Tips for Writing a Mission Statement for Your Charity

Mission statements are one of the leading charity features a prospective donor will refer to. A mission statement tackles the who, what, and why of any organization—which is especially important for nonprofits in need of community aid and involvement. To establish or refine your own nonprofit’s fundamental objective, review 2moda’s tips for writing a mission statement for your charity. With this advice, your charity will be able to present a comprehensive goal to potential employees, donors, and volunteers.

States Your Purpose and Determine Direction

Your mission statement should outline the impact your charity intends to make, how, and why. It’ll be used as a guiding tool for organizational operations, so it should encapsulate your company values as well. Mission statements provide the reader with a clear understanding of who you represent and why your cause matters.

Encourages Engagement

A well-written statement will promote positive interaction. It should contain sentimental value, as it will serve as a driving factor for donor and staff engagement. A meaningful piece on what your charity strives to accomplish will continue to motive those involved with it and upkeep satisfaction with overall operations.

Reflects on How Your Organization’s Time and Energy Is Spent

Not only does a quality mission statement outline goals the charity hopes to achieve, but it should also include insight on how the charity plans to accomplish those goals. Give the reader an idea of programs, events, and other operations your nonprofit utilizes to fulfill its statement.

Writer’s Tip: An additional tip for writing a mission statement for your charity is revising it. Prove that your nonprofit’s efforts have made a difference by including accomplishments. Delivering tangible evidence of your charity’s hard work will entice supporters.

Make it Clear, Informative, and Concise

With the abundance of information that mission statements typically include, it’s easy to assume you’ll be writing an essay. However, your statement should be short and sweet. You want to clearly and concisely transmit your charity’s mission to the reader.

Writer’s Tip: To keep the piece straightforward and comprehensive, avoid buzzwords and jargon. It might take a couple drafts but try to narrow your statement down to a maximum of 20 words.

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