Most Popular Items To Buy in Bulk

There are plenty of reasons to buy in bulk, including cheaper sales rates, less waste, and infrequent purchasing. However, not all products are best bought in bulk due to short shelf lives. 2moda created this guide to the most popular items to buy in bulk, so you can reap wholesale perks without worrying about tossing excess goods.

Office Supplies

Whether you’re stocking your office or children’s bookbags, office supplies are best bought wholesale. With the number of pens and pencils that go missing daily, make sure you have some spares. Plus, extra printer paper and ink, pens, and notepads will always go to use in the office and can carry onto the next academic year (if we’re talking school supplies).

Paper Goods

Running out of toilet paper is never fun. When you buy paper-related goods, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins in bulk, you can score some sweet discounts. Additionally, you’ll often find coupons on paper goods in your local grocery store’s coupon catalog.

Be mindful of where you’ll store your paper products when buying. As much you want to buy these products at a convenient price, you want to make sure you’ve also got convenient storage for them at home.


If your socks are worn, consider replacing them with quality wholesale socks in bulk. 2moda has a variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s socks to equip each family member’s sock drawer.

Socks are also often one of the most sought-after items at homeless shelters, too. Because shelters typically only accept them if they’re new or unused, socks are some of the most popular items to buy in bulk to appease donation requests.

Laundry Detergent

Detergent comes and goes, but laundry is forever! Diminish the frequent need to lug a gallon of detergent home with groceries by purchasing it in bulk.

Since a little goes a long way—and detergent has a long shelf life—even just buying two or three more jugs can be considered stocking up. Refer to your nearest wholesale retail store to reap the best deals on detergent, and scope the internet for coupons.


Never fret a dead remote again by equipping your home with an assortment of batteries. Lithium and alkaline batteries have a long lifespan if stored properly. Also, when it comes to batteries, you’re more likely to pay less per unit when you buy wholesale.

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