New Year, Old Style

Nearly 30 years after the debut of the fanny pack, this hands free- super hip bag has resurfaced. It’s sleek design consists of a body strap that wraps around the waist, freeing your hands and arms to do or carry different things. These bags are perfect for events, vacations, parties and so much more! While they can’t hold a large amount of bulky items, they are well-equipped to carry your essentials, like wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.

Our wide variety of wholesale fanny packs are guaranteed to catch your eye. They feature something for everyone and really help you minimize your worries. In a crowd, it can sometimes be nerve-wracking to carry around a big bulky bag on your shoulder or arm for fear that someone might try to steal it. Fanny packs latch in the back with your bag strapped securely around your waist, with the bag containing your things in the front of your body.

Interested? See what we’ve got for you here.

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