New Year’s Resolution: Comfort in the Gym

As the new year begins, I can confidently say that I know at least 10 people who have resolved to make changes in regards to their health. To put it simply: they want to work out [more].

When it comes to men’s work out clothes, they can typically get away with a junky shirt and basketball shorts. Women, we need a functional sports bra, any old shirt and comfortable, non-restrictive pants to allow for a solid work out. My personal favorite is leggings.

Leggings are super cute and allow for complete range of motion. They also minimize chaffing if, like me, you lack a thigh gap (reasons I am one of the ten who always starts the year with a new gym membership). Leggings are argued as “not pants” but in the gym, none of that matters, especially since no one is paying attention to anything other than their own workout or the super hot instructors. So while they get a bad rap, leggings are amazing.

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