Reasons To Declutter Your Home in the New Year

As we enter 2021 still under a pandemic, chances are you’ll be spending more time at home. As you spend an increased amount of time indoors, you may notice more areas of your home you’d like to spruce up—and you’re not alone. Getting organized and tending to home renovations are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

So, how can you achieve home organization? Declutter habits are some of the most effective approaches to maintaining a clean home. As it turns out, just after ringing in the new year is the perfect time to declutter. Let’s delves into substantial reasons to declutter your home in the new year and their perks.

Why Just After the New Year Is Ideal Decluttering Time

Post-Holiday Clutter

Unless you discard decorations before January 1st, you are likely to start the new year with holiday remnants lying around. It’s beneficial to start your decluttering process while taking your festive décor down, sorting which materials are still in good use and which to toss.

New Gifts, New Need To Purge

Most people swap gifts and treat themselves over the holidays. After the holidays, you may find yourself with new clothes, electronics, and household items that call for reflection on your home’s existing inventory.

Start the new year off right by purging old items to be replaced by the abundance you were gifted over the holidays. It’s helpful to make room for new materials rather than stuff them into already overcrowded closets or cabinets that will stress you out in the future.

More Storage Deals

Discounts and deals are financially savvy reasons to declutter your home in the new year. January is typically rampant with retail sales.

Start your decluttering endeavors in early January, as you will be able to score more deals on items that help organize. Decorative storage bins, dressers, shelves, and other furnishings can be utilized to revamp your home while offering ample storage space.

More Inspired

With the holidays and cold weather approaching, the end of the year can be an emotionally-tasking time for people. Though some folks may be compelled to wrap up the year by accomplishing a goal, others may find it beneficial to start afresh come the new year.

The transition into the new year can feel rejuvenating. As you establish your ambitions for the year ahead, you are more likely to attain by starting them soon after celebrating New Year’s.

How Decluttering Is Good for Your Health

Not only is clutter less aesthetically pleasing, but it can interfere with our mental and physical health. Decluttering can make positive contributions to your headspace and helps create home conditions that are favorable to physical wellbeing.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Unorganized spaces tend to increase stress because they can interfere with productivity and overstimulate the mind. Working or living in cluttered spaces can boost anxiety levels because the messiness serves as a constant remind of what organizational tasks you have yet to do.

When you configure a proper decluttering routine, you are likely to experience a decline in stress and anxiety levels. Too much stress and anxiety can be detrimental to our sleep, heart functions, and immune system.

Boosts Creativity

Surrounding clutter can be very distracting, making it all the more important to remove and organize items in your environment. When you live and work in organized spaces, your mind is free to roam. You are more likely to be creative and efficient when functioning in an atmosphere free of excessive materials that divert your attention.

Removes Allergens from the Home

The more items in your home, the more opportunity for dust and dirt to stick around. Purging your home of excessive materials lessens the presence of allergens.

Removing home items also increases your cleaning efficacy. This is significant to improving your home’s air quality, which is especially helpful to those with respiratory issues.

Best Ways To Declutter Your Home

So, you have decided that you want to start off the new year with some decluttering—now what? Below we explore the best approaches to decluttering your home. These tips breakdown organizing in a way that makes the process seem much less like a major, overwhelming project and more as an effective habitual practice.

Implement a Plan

Avoid decluttering without direction. Before you begin the process, establish goals for yourself. A documented list of ambitions will help to keep you accountable and on track.

Determine which areas of the home you would like to target and in what order. Attempt to adhere closely to this plan, only adjusting when necessary.

Start Small-Scale

Part of what makes the idea of decluttering your home seem so overwhelming is that you consider your entire home at once. Break up your decluttering procedure by room. Each room is likely to have unique organizational needs that will inform an appropriate approach. Decide whether you will conquer the most difficult rooms first or work your way up from the less problematic rooms of the house.


With donating, you can complete household and charitable New Year’s ambitions in one swoop. Sort gently used clothing and home items for charity. Organizing donation piles can also serve as an opportunity for your children to learn more about compassion.

Consider making a comprehensive donation by including some new and unused donation materials. 2Moda has an expansive inventory of wholesale fashion tote bags, school supplies kits, winter accessories, and more so you can make a wholesome contribution to your community.

Do It Daily

While you may be tempted to get all your decluttering over in one day, break up the process into daily tasks. When you approach decluttering daily, it is more likely to become a habit. Habits are excellent for helping us attain New Year’s goals and resolutions, and ultimately makes them seem sustainable.

Document the Process

Document your declutter experience to reflect on your progress. Before-and-after photos serve as substantial proof of improvement and may inspire you to keep up with the decluttering process throughout the year.

2Moda wishes you and yours a healthy and happy New Year. We are proud to continue making sizable donations affordable with lowered prices and free shipping in continental states. Review our website or contact us today to learn which product selections make the best fit for your desired donation.


Reasons To Declutter Your Home in the New Year

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