The Difference Between Public and Private Charities

Charities are revered for their commitment to meaningful causes and great strides in philanthropic practices. Private and public charities both home in on giving back to the community, but their processes for doing so vary greatly. 2moda explores the qualities of and the difference between public and private charities.

Private Foundations

Private foundations are started by a single financial entity, typically an individual or business. The initial donation is invested to generate income, nixing the need to solicit money from donors.

This income gets allocated toward the foundation’s various charitable goals. The goals must adhere to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the charity to maintain its standing as a tax-exempt charity.

Because their funds involve few people, private foundations are usually relatively small agencies. To ensure an appropriate delegation of funds, these foundations have more mandatory paperwork and minimal asset distribution requirements.

Public Charities

On the flipside of nonprofits are public charities. Public charities acquire communal donations regularly, appealing to public sentiment to achieve their philanthropic goals.

To classify as a public charity, nonprofit agencies must obtain at least a third of their donations from the general public. Though a public charity’s income may derive from its investments and founding source, funding from the public supports its initiatives.

The Main Differences


One standout difference between public and private charities is how they acquire their funds. While private foundations are much more independent with their resources, public charities utilize the assistance of donors and fundraising.


The varying financial methods between the two types of charities also inform how many people are involved. As the name indicates, private foundations typically make decisions without referencing outside of their agency. Public charities have more folks to appease to maintain donors, which often influences their final choices.

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