Top Backpack Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

When it comes to getting a new backpack for the school year, your child may defer to whichever one on the rack is the cutest, or perhaps you simply purchase whichever appears the most standard. However, there are many backpack factors that can significantly impact your child’s posture and shoulder and back muscles. An inadequate backpack’s ability to cause physical pain is grounds for more consideration when it comes time to find a new school bag for your child.

2moda recognizes the importance of affordable and quality backpacks, which is why we’re diving into a few top backpack safety tips every parent should know and ways to select the best backpack for your kid.

The Dangers of Improper Backpack Wearing

Wearing a backpack the right way is highly important for avoiding physical pain. Discover the dangers of wearing a school bag improperly or wearing one that is not the appropriate size or structure.

Pressure on The Spine

Though backpacks are a convenient method for transporting a ton of school items, one that’s too heavy can cause excess pressure on the spine. An overly heavy backpack can cause the spine to compress in unnatural ways that result in a painful postural condition.

Poor backpack use is especially impactful on children who are still growing. Long periods of intense backpack wearing may cause damage to their musculoskeletal system.

Impacting the Shoulders

To compensate for the extreme weight on their back, students will often arch their back and round out their shoulders. Repeating this posture can lead to a permanent rounding of the shoulders, which negatively interferes with proper posture.

Disrupting Balance

Awkward backpacks increase an individual’s odds of falling because it puts them off balance. A disrupted balance can cause that person to slip and fall much more easily, increasing the risk of physical harm.

Causing Back Pain

As mentioned, incorrectly wearing a backpack can harm your child’s spine. It can also strain the muscles and tendons in their back, causing back soreness and aching.

Warning Signs That Your Child Is Wearing Their Backpack Wrong

Now let’s explore a few signs it’s time to replace your child’s backpack, that they have it on incorrectly, or that they need to lighten their load.

  • Your child struggles to take their backpack on or off.
  • Their posture is becoming more slouched.
  • They have red marks on their shoulders after removing their school bag.
  • They are in physical pain when wearing their backpack.
  • They complain about a sore neck or sore shoulders.

Top Backpacks Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Here are a few of the top backpack safety tips every parent should know when equipping their child with the quintessential piece of school gear.

Encourage Your Child To Wear Both Shoulder Straps

When in a rush or wearing a backpack for a brief period of time, your child may be tempted to sling their backpack just over one shoulder. However, you should encourage them to always wear their pack using both shoulder straps.

Wearing a school bag over one shoulder can cause even more of an imbalance for your child and strain their posture more than wearing a backpack with both straps. Repetitive one-shoulder wear can cause one shoulder to be a level lower than the other and create an uncomfortable spinal curve.

Be Sure Your Child Knows How To Properly Lift Their Backpack

One cause of back pain is from lifting weight with the strength in the back rather than the legs. Remind your child the importance of bending with their knees to scoop up their backpack, instead of bending at the hips, as if they were doing a squat.

Once low enough to grab their school bag, your child should do so using both hands. Heavier backpacks should get propped onto a desk prior to being fixed around their shoulders. These constant reminders to your child might just help remind you to properly lift heavier items around the house or when at work!

Decrease the Weight of Your Child’s Backpack When Possible

Some school supplies can be left in your child’s desk or locker. Go through their backpack with them to determine what’s worth lugging back and forth, which materials can stay at home, and which materials should stay at school.

As children get older, the textbooks get heavier. To avoid a strenuous haul to and from classrooms, your child should search for a second copy of their textbook at the library and see if the school will lend it to them. Nowadays, many publications release an online version of their textbooks, which is a convenient alternative for students that don’t want the extra physical demands from print textbooks.

Make Sure the Backpack Is Positioned Correctly on Their Back

Adjust the straps on your child’s backpack, so that it fits comfortably and properly. You or they should fix their school bag to be just below the shoulders and above the hips. That said, you want to make sure their backpack is the right size.

If your child wears their backpack too low on their back, they are more likely to experience shoulder and lower back pain sooner. A loose-fitting backpack will sway too much, placing awkward pressure on their body.

Have Them Take Off Their Backpack When Standing for a Long Time

Many students have to wait for the bus or other modes of transportation before and after school. Your child can prevent too much stress on their back by removing it when standing for a long period of time. Taking it off when they’re waiting reduces the risks of chronic back issues in the future.

Regularly Clean Out Your Child’s Backpack With Them

Throughout the school year, stray papers, pens, and other school supplies are likely to accumulate in your child’s bookbag. Regularly clean out each component of their backpack with them to toss any unnecessary items that are contributing to a heavy-weight backpack.

How To Choose the Right Backpack for Your Child

2moda has a large assortment of bookbags wholesale for you and your child to choose from. With a variety of colors and designs, you two are sure to find a school bag that suits them and their school supply storing needs. To select one that’s right for your child, consider our additional tips on choosing a backpack.

  • Get a backpack that’s self-standing and ergonomic.
  • Select backpacks with waist belts and chest belts.
  • Opt for wide-shouldered backpacks when shopping.
  • Choose backpacks that have several compartments.
  • Try a backpack with wheels.
  • Avoid messenger bags and any over-the-shoulder bags.

Top Backpack Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

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