Top Backpack Trends for Summer 2021

Backpacks are most associated with transporting schoolwork, but they’ve evolved so people can use them for so much more. With a variety of different backpack styles, features, and designs, you now have a slew of options when it’s time to search for a bookbag.

2moda explores the top backpack trends for summer 2021 based on different types of backpacks and how to find one that maximizes individual style and comfort. Whether you’re looking for yourself, your child, or to restock your store, here are some backpack trends to mind.

For Laptop Backpacks

Laptop backpacks are designed to safely store laptops. For this reason, they are popular selections among working professionals and high school and college students. Let’s look at some tips and trends when it comes to choosing one.


Does the standard look not appeal to your style? Check out some top laptop backpack trends for summer 2021 that can speak to your fashion sense.

The Sleeker, The Better

Since many laptop backpacks are used for work, manufacturers have focused on making them sleek. Backpacks are now made of leather and other luxurious materials to elevate the casual appearance of bookbags.

Pastels and Neutrals Galore

Though black and grey packs will likely always remain popular among professionals, there’s been a recent trend highlighting pastel and lighter neutral color backpacks. The broader color scheme appeals to a greater audience and maintains a sleek appearance.


If you’re more concerned with trends that prioritize function, look out for the following when buying a new laptop backpack.

A Laptop Compartment With Maximized Cushion

This type of backpack’s main purpose is to safely transport laptops, tablets, and other delicate devices with its specialized compartment. As small backpacks become more of a trend, check that it’s cushioned to your liking and can still fit your laptop’s size.


Many brands have also started to implement waterproof or water-resistant materials into their backpacks’ designs. Water-resistant components have become more and more popular, as they enable more versatile wear.

For Traditional Backpacks


Minimalist Trend

Minimalist backpacks tend to do well with students and professionals who aren’t looking for anything flashy. Minimalist bags still have basic storage compartments, but nothing over the top.

Kids’ Backpacks

For kids, backpacks embellished with popular cartoons remain top favorites. If not covered in cartoons, backpacks with vivid colors or unique patterns tend to do well with kids.


Chest and Waist Buckles

Chest and waist buckles help evenly distribute backpack weight. Backpacks with these features are a big trend with hikers and folks looking to alleviate back, shoulder, and neck strain.

Cushioned Back

Another welcomed feature that’s performed well is the cushioned back. Some backpacks provide additional comfort with foam padding along the back.

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